Adult UK Phone Chat

It was a little after 11 when I finally clicked off the television and head for my bathroom for a nice relaxing, hot bath. The water felt so good as I lay
soaking. The house was quiet, my son Randy was asleep. The only bad thing was that Ben was working out of town again and I missed him terribly.

It would seem that as long as we have been married, I would be used to it by now. It isn’t just the sex I miss, although that ranks in the top 2 or 3. I miss the conversation, his kiss, the feel of his body ( he sleeps nude remember! Yummy!) next to mine. That big bed feels cold and lonely without him.


After my bath and drying myself. I wrapped my towel around me and walked to the kitchen and poured me a glass of wine. I then headed back to my bedroom. I lit 4 floral scented candles and spread them around the room. The candel light gave off a soft relaxing glow. I then grabbed my laptop and got into bed with my towel wrapped around me.

I logged into MH and read several stories that had me pretty aroused by the time I was through. I got out of bed and carefully shut my bedroom door, figuring I would do a little masturbating before going to sleep.


I took off my towel and crawled into bed nude, sitting up against the headboard and spreading my legs. Just as I was about to shut down my laptop, I saw MH’s phone sex challenge of the week. Ben and I have engaged in phone sex a few times and found it fun.

I glanced at the clock, it read 12:17 am. ” He’d kill me if I called him this late!” I thought to myself. With my right hand I reached between my legs and touched my pussy. I was so wet, I throbbed with desire.

I picked up my cell phone with my left hand, keeping my right hand on my pussy. I contemplated calling him for several minutes, backing out a couple times. ” Look, either do it or put the phone down! It’s only getting later!” I said to myself, then dialed his number.

The phone rang several times and I was about to hang up, when he answered.  ” Hello!” he said his voice cracked and sounded rough. I knew I had awakened him from a good sleep.

“Hey baby!” I said softly.

He didn’t say anything for a moment, then I heard him clear his throat and say,  “Hey, babe! What time is it? Is everything Ok?”

“Everything is fine! I just wanted to hear your voice, I miss you so much! Your not mad are you, baby?” I said, running my hand over my hot pussy.

No, I’m not mad. I miss you too darlin! Everything good with the kids?” he replied.

“Randy is asleep. Kristie came over for supper, she is doing good. I haven’t talked to Alicia today. I love you baby!” I said, easing a finger inside my pussy. My breathing was becoming heavier, giving me away.

“Are you ok, baby? You sound strange!” he said. I could hear him rustling around in his bed. Reading a decent Kartra review.

I giggled and said, ” Never better baby! Just glad to hear your sexy voice!” I replied as I slowly fingered myself.

“It’s good to hear your voice too, baby. I love you!” he said.

“Can I tell you a secret?” I said softly, finding it harder to maintain control.

“Sure!” he asked.

“I am in bed, and I am naked!” I panted into the phone.

There was silence for a moment, then he said,  “Oh really! What are you doing naked, baby?”  the tone of his voice changed.

I giggled and said, “I’m touching myself! My pussy is so wet baby and want some sexy adult phone chat

Once again there was a minute or two of silence, then, “I wish I was there with you! I would lick that sweet pussy of yours! My dick is getting hard, baby!” he replied at  the thought of the phone sex we were about to have

“Mmmmm, I would love that, baby! I love the way you eat my pussy baby. Are you hard baby? Have you started beating off yet?” I panted as I now worked two fingers in and out of my throbbing wet pussy.

“I’m rock hard, baby! Yeah, I just started stroking,” he replied.

“Oh, baby, I wish I was there with you baby! I would suck your dick and tounge your big balls. I would stick my finger in your ass and give you a prostate massage as I pleasure you with my mouth!” I panted, my breathing getting heavier as I finger fucked myself.  This was  not going to be any of that cheap adult chat, this was getting exciting!

“Baby, I can’t wait till I get home! You are so bad! You are driving me wild!” Ben groaned.

“But I’m good when I’m bad, baby. You love it. I got a hot pussy, baby, it hungers for your dick. Will you fuck me when you get home, baby?” I panted as I began to rub my clit.

“You know I will, baby! I will slip my dick inside you and screw you till you beg me to stop!” Ben growled.

” I can never get enough of your long hard dick baby! Ohhhh, I can’t wait till you get home. I’m getting close, baby, you turn me on so much!” I said in a whimpering voice.

“I wish I was there! You look so hot when you cum, baby! I love you so much!” he groaned.

” Ohhhh baby! I’m so close! Let’s cum together as we phone fuck, baby! ”

“Ok, let’s do it! Ohhh fuck, baby! My nuts are starting to tighten, baby! I’m fixing to cuuummmm!” Ben groaned.

“Ok, baby! I’m gonna cum too! Ohhhhh, baby, I’m cummming! I ‘m cumming with you baby I l-l-love you soooo-oohhh fuck!” I panted, putting a pillow over my mouth to stifle my scream.

We were both silent for several minutes, just our breathing passed through the phone.

“I love you,baby!” Ben panted.

“I love you too, my love,” I replied, my body still tingling from my orgasm.

“Looks like I’m gonna have to take another shower! I’m covered in goo,” Ben said.

“I’m sorry, baby!” I replied.

“It was well worth it. And no your not!” Ben chuckled.

“Your right, I’m not!” I laughed.

God Bless! Stay horny as always!